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 Homeownership Program

We work to help you reach your goals and dreams of owning a home through our counseling and education services.

I would like to talk to a housing counselor about my current housing needs. Here at CHWC, we can help you to: - Purchase a home - Review your rights as a tenant - Set up a household budget and understand your credit - Take a Homebuyer Education class - Review your current mortgage

I am interested in a financial management class where I can learn about money management, budgeting and understanding my credit.

I want to buy a home and I am interested in one-on-one housing counseling.

I'm planning to buy a home soon and I have not taken a home buyer education course in the last 2 years

I am currently renting and have problems with my landlord or rent payments and/or I need help looking for a place to rent.

I currently own a home and I am looking to receive help (one-on-one counseling) with my current mortgage

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